Client Testimonials 

"The Building Heroes workshop was an incredible experience. I’ve attended several workshops, but have yet to see someone connect so effortlessly with an audience the way Mike did. I was so impressed by his explanation of how to harness our individual potential by choices we make. It was refreshing, eye-opening, energetic, and empowering. He even supplied us with a suggested reading list, relevant article, and extended the offer of being open to mentoring and coaching; proving he is truly a resource and a partner to anyone who works with him.” 

Jorden G. - Comcast Spotlight - Nashville

Building Heroes was a wonderful presentation. Mike Cortese is a confident speaker who shared his own personal stories. That made it easy for me to connect with him and trust his expertise in the subject matter. He focused on involving the attendees and making it a discussion rather than a lecture. I was so engrossed in what I was learning, I could hardly believe the hour was already finished when he wrapped.”   


Katie F. -  WICT Southeast Director of Programming – Nashville

“Mike came to talk to our team on the topic of "Tenacious".  From start to finish he was engaging, interesting, topical, and insightful.  He talked about tactics we can work in to our daily lives, both professionally and personally. After he left, our team organically sat around going over some of the things he had spoken about and how much we could relate to it.  We look forward to having Mike back again for 2.0!” 

Kerri R. - WeWork Community Manager, Capitol View - Nashville