Leading Through Uncertainty

Building Trust & Producing Under Stress 

Uncertainty. It's like kryptonite to the human mind. When it hits, we slip into a defensive state and temporarily lose up to 31% of our intelligence.  Learning in that state is almost non-existent, and our ability to perform at a high level drops significantly.  In today's digital world many professionals are living in that state for the majority of their day. The results are disastrous; decreased performance, increased turn-over, burnout, lack of engagement, infighting, mistrust, lack of direction, doing "just enough.” 

Companies cannot leave this ailment untreated and expect to stay competitive.  Studies show that over 80% of the jobs that will exist in 2030, have not yet been invented.  Translation, business is getting more uncertain by the day.  


The good news... We have many tools at our disposal to combat this phenomenon and turn uncertainty into an asset.  


Combing the power of story and science, Leading Through Uncertainty will give your team the tools to become better problem solvers, producers, influencers, and teammates in any environment. 

  • Session Run Time: Lunch & Learn - 1.5 Hours | Full Program – 3 Hours

  • Program can be amended to fit client's needs