If you or your colleagues are experiencing one or more of the following, it is an indication that you are slipping into a defensive state.  


  • feeling like an imposter

  • fear of making the call

  • fear of asking for the business

  • avoidance

  • fear of rejection

  • fear of failure

  • fear of coming across as pushy or insincere

  • fear of being unable to deliver

  • fear of success

  • inability to connect with colleagues

  • inability to gel as a team

  • fear of using new technology

  • fear of saying "I don't know"

  • fear of asking a question

  • fear of hearing "no"

  • feeling more irritable than usual

  • diminished job satisfaction

  • feeling emotionally exhausted for days

  • a drop in productivity

  • indecisiveness

  • feeling like you're under achieving

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